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Shedled helps you organize your calendar in a back-and-forth-proof way.

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What we offer

Organize your meetings & appointments

Shedled helps you to create a personal calendar with your available times and collect sessions/reservations with your unique link on web & mobile.

Get notified

Get a notification email when someone books a new appointment. Shedled also sends you friendly reminders for your meetings before they begin.

Calendar integrations

Your everyday assistant Shedled is integrated with the most popular calendar applications including Google and Apple. So you don't have to check your personal calendar every time you want to meet someone online.

Time difference - no difference

Shedled is a timezone-friendly platform. No need to worry about the time difference anymore.

Functional Details

Enjoy a lot of option like recurring events, events with fixed, custom & flexible duration, daily session limit, multiple session reminders... and much more.

Never lose data

You can see your future and past meetings any time and anywhere. Shedled will store these data with an organized way. You can also take notes for them.

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